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Instructions For Use Of Electric Heating Industrial Jacketed Kettle

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Instructions for use of electric heating industrial jacketed kettle 
The electric heating jacketed kettle can be adjusted arbitrarily from 0 to 300 degrees, 380V power supply, three groups of heating controls, and heat-conducting oil as the medium inside. As long as the temperature reaches the expected value, the temperature will drop very slowly. It also has the characteristics of large heating area and high thermal efficiency. Whether it is boiling sugar, sugar syrup, frying hot pot bottom material, fried fillings, the effect is very good, and it can also be used as a frying equipment to fry peanuts, crab yellow broad beans, crab cucumber seeds. Many food manufacturers use it to make brown sugar and sorghum syrup. Walnut cake and all kinds of carrageenan and other starch soft candies.

Semi-automatic Industrial Cooking Mixer Machine/sauce Making Machine Fried Spicy Chicken 
1. Before starting up and using, check whether the oil level of the heat transfer oil reaches the specified oil level (150 cm below the interlayer).
2. Clean the pot and put in the materials.
3. Before starting the machine, open the oil filling valve on the top.
4. Turn on the switch, turn on the red switch, and turn the temperature control knob to the desired temperature (mostly around 180°C, not exceeding 280°C) to start normal production.
5. Turn off the electric gate, close the oil injection valve, the jacketed kettle can be tilted, and the hand wheel can be turned to tilt the pot body for unloading.

Big Capacity Industrial Planetary Sauce Cooking Mixer Machine 
Usage notice:
1. The power supply must be equipped with a leakage protector according to the power, and heat transfer oil must be added before use.
2. It is strictly forbidden to start the machine without heat transfer oil in the interlayer.
3. It is recommended to use 350# heat-conducting oil. It is recommended to replace the heat-conducting oil once a year or so. If the time is not long, the replacement time can be extended as appropriate.
4. After the work is over, close the oil valve, and then pour out the material inside the pot, being careful not to tilt outward.
5. It is recommended to use a standard copper core power cord above 6 mm.
6. To keep it clean, the pot body should be cleaned every time it is used.
7. Regularly check the meshing degree of the worm gear and worm. If the gap is too large, it can be adjusted through the bearing on the worm.
8. The machine cannot work normally, you can check whether the fuse is blown, or whether the AC contactor is damaged, it is recommended to replace it.
9. Oil filling hole, oil outlet hole, temperature display probe socket.

Big Capacity Industrial Planetary Sauce Cooking Mixer Machine 
The main products are: tilting jacketed kettle, vertical (fixed) jacketed kettle, electric heating jacketed kettle, steam heating jacketed kettle, gas heating jacketed kettle with stirring or without stirring equipment. Non-lid type, flat-lid type, and other types of industrial jacketed kettle, etc., products can be customized according to customer needs. It can be widely used in the sterilization treatment of various meat products, soybean products, dairy products, egg products, seafood, beverage products, snack foods, etc., as well as the deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, and the production of chemicals and medicines.

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