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Is The Electromagnetic Cooking Mixer Kettle Better Or The Thermal Oil Jacketed Kettle?

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Is the electromagnetic cooking mixer kettle better or the thermal oil jacketed kettle?
Advantages of electromagnetic cooking mixer kettle
1. The working principle of electromagnetic cooking mixer kettle heating
Electromagnetic heating equipment adopts the principle of magnetic field induction eddy current heating. It uses current to pass through the coil to generate a magnetic field. When the magnetic force in the magnetic field passes through the bottom of the iron-containing pot, it will generate countless small eddy currents, causing the pot itself to heat up at high speed. Heat the food in the pot.

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2. The efficiency of the electromagnetic cooking mixer kettle
(1) The thermal efficiency is as high as 93% or more, subverting the thermal efficiency of 35-50% of traditional equipment
(2) Save energy costs by 40-80%
(3) Save 30-80% of labor cost
(4) 8-20 years service life design
(5) The accuracy of material temperature control is ±1℃, and the material temperature reaches 400℃
(6) 0 pollution, 0 emission, /fire risk
(7) The working environment temperature of workers is reduced by 50-80%
(8) The staff turnover rate can be reduced to 10-20%
3. The electromagnetic heating cooking mixer kettle can replace the traditional heating equipment currently used such as ordinary electric heating, gas heating and steam heating. It can also be used for multiple purposes in one machine to process some difficult-to-process foods (such as soy milk, etc.). It is widely applicable and has better quality. it is good.
Advantages of thermal oil jacketed kettle
1. Heating method
 Heat-conducting oil jacketed kettle adopts the jacketed electric heating method, the jacket is filled with heat-conducting oil, and the temperature can reach 150°C, which can achieve high high frequency concentration of taxis. The equipment can be turned over at 90 degrees, which is convenient for discharging and cleaning.
2. Manufacturing materials
The part of the equipment in contact with the material is made of stainless steel, and the inside and outside are precisely polished. It has good corrosion resistance, is durable, and meets GMP requirements.

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3. Product composition
It is mainly composed of a hemispherical tank, a support, a turbine, a worm, and an electric control box for a turning device. A stirring device can be installed according to user requirements.
4. Purpose
It is suitable for pharmaceutical, biological, food, chemical and other industries. It is commonly used in the preparation, decoction, concentration and evaporation of Chinese medicine extracts, fruit juices, fine chemicals, and food. This is an open evaporator and can also be used as an open evaporator. The batching tank is a simple and effective concentrating device, which can be used as a traditional Chinese medicine ointment preparation.
Therefore, in summary, electromagnetic cooking mixer kettle and heat-conducting oil jacketed kettle are two types of food processing machinery with different uses. You can choose which kind of jacketed kettle to buy according to your needs and advantages.

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