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What Is The Difference Between A Double Planetary Cooking Mixers Machine And A Drum Stirring Cooking Mixers Machine

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What is the difference between a double planetary cooking mixers machine and a drum stirring cooking mixers machine
In many restaurants, 
double planetary cooking mixers machines are commonly used machines, and they are divided into different types according to different usage needs. Below, let's see what is the difference between a double planetary stirring cooking mixers machine and a drum stirring cooking mixers machine.
1. The ingredients are turned differently
Stirring type: Promote the ingredients forward, not easy to turn over.
Drum type: Push the ingredients forward and fall under the action of gravity; when they fall, they mix with other ingredients.

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2. Different heating methods
Stirring type: The bottom heating plate is heated, the heating speed is slow, and the bottom conducts heat.
Roller type: IH electromagnetic three-dimensional heating, fast heating speed, even heat conduction, 3D wrapped firepower.
3. Stirring type used in cooking mixers machine:
Top Stirring: There should be no too many ingredients, otherwise the stirring arm cannot be put in; it is difficult to clean the stirring arm part.
stir down: the inner pot is easy to leak.
4. The application of the drum type in the cooking mixers machine: effectively solves the defects of the stirring type.

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In many restaurants, Longze cooking mixers machine is a standing machine. This kind of machine has the advantages of simple operation, saving manpower and material resources, improving work efficiency, and bringing great economic benefits to operators. So, how do we perform maintenance during use?
1. Do not immerse the host in the water for cleaning.
2. Do not use it in damp, close to gas pipes or fire sources.
3. Before each use, please check the rotation of the agitator.
4. According to industry experts who are engaged in the research and development and production of fully automatic large-scale cooking mixers machines, it is normal for the new machine to have a peculiar smell when the heater surface is heated for the first time.
5. During the cooking process, do not look in the pot when you stretch your head to avoid scalding. It is normal that steam appears on the upper part of the fuselage when the program is used for cooking or stewing for more than 8 minutes.

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6. Oil splashes on the upper heater when cooking in the canteen cooking mixers machine, and a little oil and gas will be generated when cooking the next dish, which is a normal phenomenon.
7. When using the cooking mixers machine, do not directly touch the inner pot to avoid burns.
8. After use, clean the inner pot in time.
9. Do not use metal sharp tools to wipe the inner pot, stirrer and upper heater to prevent damage to the pot body. Make sure that the inner pot is dry and clean.
10. When not in use, please clean the inside and outside of the machine in a ventilated and dry place.

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