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What To Pay Attention To When Operating A Fully Automatic Cooking Mixers Kettle

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What to pay attention to when operating a fully automatic cooking mixers kettle
In many restaurants, we will see that some stores are equipped with fully automatic cooking mixers kettles. This kind of machine can save time and effort. Its working principle is that heat conduction oil is the medium. After the oil temperature rises, the voltage of the heating area is carried out. Heat oil in a cooking mixers machine. So, what should be paid attention to when operating?
1. Check whether the power supply is connected normally and whether it is leaking.
2, check whether there is lubricating oil in the bearing part.

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3. Do not put too much oil when filling the large-scale automatic cooking mixers kettle, otherwise it will not taste good.
4. Do not block the exhaust port, otherwise the oil temperature is too high and accidents may occur.
5. If the thermal oil cooking mixers machine is used too frequently, the thermal oil should be replaced regularly, and the heating rod should be cleaned, which will help improve the heating efficiency and prolong the service life of the equipment.
6. When the equipment is discharged, the air holes should be blocked first to prevent the hot oil from spilling and hurting people.
7. Hands should be wiped dry during operation.

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The reason why the automatic cooking mixers kettle is popular is mainly based on the performance advantages of the product itself. Let's take a look at the specific reasons for the popularity of this kind of equipment.
1. Save time and power. The design power of the fully automatic large-scale cooking mixers kettle is 60kw, which is lower than the induction cooker, and it has a humanized design.
2, no oily smoke. When the temperature in the pot reaches 240 degrees, the edible oil and food begin to crack, char, volatilize and form oil fume. However, the temperature in the traditional iron pan can reach 300 degrees when it is directly heated. Even in the case of medium and small fires, the temperature in the pan is far more than 240 degrees. Therefore, the traditional iron pan will form a large amount of cooking when cooking. Oil fume, automatic cooking mixers kettle, can intelligently control the temperature, can keep the oil at the critical point of producing oil fume

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3. No loss of nutrition. Food nutrition includes protein, fat, sugar, vitamins, chlorophyll, trace elements, etc. These nutrients have strict temperature requirements for cracking, carbonization, denaturation, deterioration, and volatilization. When the temperature in the pot exceeds 240 degrees, protein begins to denature and fat begins Cracking, volatilization, sugar and vegetables begin to carbonize, a large amount of chlorophyll, trace elements, and vitamins are degraded and lost. The loss of nutrients in traditional iron pan cooking is more than 50%. As mentioned earlier, the fully automatic large-scale cooking function can intelligently control the temperature, so as to better retain the nutrition of the food.

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