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Which Systems Make Up A Fully Automatic Cooking Mixer Kettle Machine

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Which systems make up a fully automatic cooking mixer kettle machine
In many canteens and restaurants, the automatic cooking mixer kettle machine is a commonly used mechanical equipment, which brings a lot of convenience to restaurant operators, saves time and effort, and saves a lot of money. So, do you know the system that composes this kind of industrial cooking mixer kettle machine equipment?
1. Control circuit
The core of the work is the circuit chip. Inside there are various cooking programs of the cooking mixer kettle machine. The time and temperature can be set according to different foods and practices, so as to realize the standards, procedures and automation in the cooking process.
2, heating system
All-round up and down three-dimensional heating, so that the food inside can be evenly heated in all directions, so that the stir-fry will mature in a short time.

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3, stirring rod
The function of the fully automatic cooking mixer kettle machine is very practical, which fully simulates the air automatic cooking function of the restaurant chef, so that the color of the cooking is very bright and the nutrition will not be lost.
4, display screen
A screen that can be manually operated to set the cooking time and cooking method.
5. Shell
The automatic cooking mixer kettle machine has four important functions, namely heat preservation, heat insulation, filtration and sealing.

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In the context of economic development, Longze Industrial fully automatic cooking mixer kettle machines are more and more widely used, and they play an important role, bringing a lot of convenience to the catering industry, and also improving traditional cooking methods to a large extent.
1. Delicious and fresh. The temperature is adjusted by the microcomputer chip control system, no matter your cooking skill is high or low, you can fry excellent, fragrant and delicious delicious dishes, so that the nutrition will not be destroyed. It's really delicious.
2. Convenient and fast. Put the main ingredients and auxiliary materials in one time, select the type of food system, touch the button to simulate manual automatic stir-frying, and you can eat it out of the pot.
3. Easy operation. Industry experts in the research and development and production of cooking robots pointed out that the automatic cooking mixer kettle machine has an automatic stir-frying function. As long as the vegetable and auxiliary materials are added, the oil will automatically stir-fry at a certain temperature, making the cooking process of the central kitchen truly a pleasure.

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4, save time and energy. This kind of cooking mixer kettle machine adopts ring-shaped three-dimensional closed heating with minimal heat loss, so the cooking time of each dish can be shortened by half. The cooking power consumption is only 40% of the cooking power of general electric kitchenware, and the cooking oil is average. 1/2 of when cooking.
5. Safe and secure. This equipment uses all-inclusive electric heating, which is safe and secure. Microcomputer intelligent control system + automatic stir fry + hands free. Only the main ingredients and auxiliary materials are put into the cooking mixers kettle together, and the cooking process is carried out automatically, with automatic stir-frying, automatic control of heat, and automatic reminder when the dishes are cooked, without any care.
6. Save effort and trouble. Longze automatic cooking mixers kettle uses electromagnetic heating to form a three-dimensional heating system, which heats the food in all directions in the middle, and the heat energy is fully utilized, so that the meat and vegetables are cooked at the same time, saving energy and time. Cooking ordinary dishes requires very little cooking oil.

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