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Drum Cooking Machine

Large Commercial Drum Cooking Machine Automatic Intelligent Cooking Robot Cooking Mixer Pot

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Features Of The Large Commercial Drum Cooking Machine:
Easy loading and discharging. With time setting, easy to operate.
Electronic control, stepless speed adjustment, rotates both clockwise and counterclockwise Temperature is adjustable, Special internal capstan barrel, food like noodle or spaghetti will not be broken
The external casing is made of special grade of heat insulator which could keep heat.
Multiple Usage For frying, seasoning, mixing or baking rice, noodle, vermicelli, vegetable, sesame, peanut, meat, diced and shredded meat, coffee, pea, sugar coating, candy, biscuit, pistachio, herb etc.
Intelligent Drum Cooking Robot Cooking Mixer Pot Precautions:
1. The table top of the induction Drum Cooking Machine should be leveled, otherwise, the gravity of the Drum Cooking Machine pot body will force the furnace body to be deformed or even damaged.
2. The control box should be operated in strict accordance with the instructions.
3.  After the work is finished, the electromagnetic will be turned off, and beware of empty cooking. 
4. To keep it clean, the Automatic Drum Cooking Machine pot should be cleaned once every time it is used.

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