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Popcorn Production Line

Automatic Continuous Popcorn Processing Production Line

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Equipped with high efficiency energy-saving combustion system, the heat source distribution is reasonable, the material is evenly heated, the energy consumption is low, and the output is large.
Continuous production, low noise.
The final product can be sprayed sugar can be seasoned.
International brand electronics, big brand, reliable.
popcorn production line
High temperature puffing popcorn machine is a kind of automatic continuous popcorn equipment, which is designed with advanced technology from abroad, and its quality is reliable. Corn expands into spherical under the high temperature of the high-temperature puffing popcorn machine. Then spray butter, syrup, sugar solution, chocolate pulp, etc., bring people visual and taste enjoyment, so it is very popular.
Multi Flavored Automatic Mushroom Popcorn Production Line Price


Electric Caramel Popcorn Machine

Electromagnetic Popcorn Machine

Industrial Electric Popcorn Machine:

The above is a brief introduction of the spherical popcorn machine, provided by Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. If you have any questions, please contact the company further. In addition to this equipment, Zhucheng Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. also supplies various types of jacketed pans, popcorn production lines, cooking pots, frying pans, stuffing pots, horizontal woks, electromagnetic cookers and other equipment in large quantities.Welcome customers to visit our factory and understand, I wish you a prosperous business.
Shandong Longze Machinery Co.,Ltd,Electromagnetic Popcorn Machine
Shandong Longze Machinery is a famous professional designer and manufacturer of food processing machines with many patents and CE, BV, SGS certifications. Our main products include industrial popcorn machine and production line, cooking mixer machine, jacketed kettle, high pressue & vacuum cooking pot, etc., with wide range of applications to pastes, sauces, spices, confectionery, jam, fillings, dairy, eggs, flour, vegetables, meat, caramel, nougat, candied fruits, flavored nuts, popcorns……

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