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Popcorn Production Line

Gas Operated Commercial Industrial Popcorn Production Line

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When you want to mass-produce popcorn, a simple popcorn machine has been unable to meet your needs,and then popcorn production machine maybe could help you.
This line can be placed up to six machines, high efficiency.
One day can produce 1000 kg!
The popcorn production line contains broken up, cooling, scattering and other functions, saving manpower.
Gas Operated Commercial Industrial Popcorn Production Line
Popcorn machine introduce:
●Popcorn machine is composed of electromagnetic heating system, pot body, frame body, stirring system, speed control actuator, stirring shaft, the pot body turning system, etc.Discharging use hydraulic pressure make more stable and save manpower.
●All of this line including popcorn machine use the SUS304-pan bravery for permeability material.
●The stirring way use special tilting transmission , planet stirrer and the pot body full access, realize the transmission revolution and rotation of the integer ratio, make the pot without stirring blind angle.
Popcorn machine choose:
Per machine only needs a worker.one pot needs 5 minutes and could produce 5kg popcorn.
Popcorn can be made into many flavors like caramel,cream,chocolate,fruit,seaweed and so on.
The entire process pipeline operation, save labor, safety, healthy, convenience. 
The machine can work 24 hours without stop!!!
Operating procedures:
●Fully automatic machine operation, more hygienic and more efficient!!
●Pipeline five steps, give you a mechanized production workshop, higher yield, greater profits.
●Stainless steel thicker bottom, heat more evenly.
●Oil Heating pop,sugar-coating combined into one,making popcorn have bright color and taste more crisp.
Gas Operated Commercial Industrial Popcorn Production Line
Main Features:
●save manpower                          
Translating the traditional manual production into the automation and standardization production.
●high use ratio of equipment         
After  a set of equipment entering into production line,the production raise several     times than stand-alone operations.
●high product quality                      
During the production, the equipment agree to set temperature time,and feeding one time.
●stable production capacity          
When the single machine failure occurs, the material can bypass  the fault machine,   and won't  affect the whole production line.

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