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Electric Thermal Oil Cooking Machine

Semi-automatic Industrial Cooking Mixer Machine/sauce Making Machine Fried Spicy Chicken

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Semi-automatic Industrial Cooking Mixer Machine is our medium size Cooking Mixer and economical model. There are some regular sizes can choose. The single mixing speed replaces workers' hands and makes work efficient. In addition, the mixing scrapers can touch the bowl thoroughly avoids burning and make food pretty and tasty.
Semi-automatic Sauce Cooking Mixer Machine, combine stirring scrap base and scrap side with planet stirring, and make the sauce uniformly heated. Large capacity, high output. 
Semi-automatic Industrial Cooking Mixer Machine/sauce Making Machine Fried Spicy Chicken
Semi-automatic Industrial Cooking Mixer Machine Product Details:

Product Name

Semi-automatic Industrial Cooking Mixer Machine
Bowl Size 50L-650L
Voltage 380V,3 Phase
Power 2.2KW
Capacity 25kg-400Kg Per Batch
Steel Grade SUS 304
Automation Automatic/Simens Full Automatic Control Panel
Heating Source Gas, Electric Induction. Electric Thermal Oil,Gas Thermal Oil
Ignition Automatic Ignition
Max. Temperature About 0-360℃
Mixing Style Planetary Mixing To Avoid Burnt
Mixing Speed 0-60r/Min ,Can Be Adjustable Or Customized
Applications Universal To Cook And Mix All Kinds Of Spices & Sauces, Jam, Paste, Confectionery, Nuts, Sweets, Fillings, Vegetables,……

Sauce Making Machine is a semi-automatic multi-function Cooking Mixers which can be used for making sauces, hand and soft sweets, pastes and fried food. The mixing arm is moveable and the bowl can be tilted so that the food in the bowl can be unloaded very easy.
Longze Brand Industrial Cooking Mixer can provide an easy solution for your handmade business and increase productivity.
 Semi-automatic Industrial Cooking Mixer Machine/sauce Making Machine Fried Spicy Chicken

Semi-automatic Chilli Sauce Cooking Mixer Machine Superior Features: 

-Durable quality for continuous working 24/7

-12 months warranty & lifetime maintenance free of charge

-Rapid induction heating

-Precious temperature control

-Manual induction wire coiling for universal purpose

-Environmentally friendly and safer operation

-Famous brand gear motor reducer, silent mode, no need maintenance

-Sealed mixing head to prevent from corrosion and no need maintenance

-Water tap equipped for easy cleaning of the bowl

-Stable without body shaking while in operation, but movable with heavy duty casters 

Detailed Images:

Semi-Automatic Cooking Mixer Machine

Advanced Manufacturing Machinery And Techniques:
We are proud of our staff, who are responsible and with rich experience. Combination with our staff first-class skill and the aid of our big scale laser machines, our products are highly commented by our customers and thereby help us earn more regular customers.
Gas Heated Vegetables Cooking Mixers Machine

Production Equipments & Excellent Skills:

To increase our productivity for tight manufacturing schedule, we resort to bring in more advanced equipments, such, laser machines, NC machines, etc for standardization and modernization. We have employees with rich experience to solve any technical problems.

Semi-Automatic Cooking Mixer Machine

Packing And Delivery:

Our machine is packaged in wooden box for overseas shipment, and inside is also protected for easily damaged parts. Wooden box is strong enough and we have not encountered any shipment accident.

We have shipment every day and have our own logistics department for handling packaging and delivery, to ensure on-time delivery safely without any delay.

Shandong Longze Machinery Co.,Ltd

Customers' Visiting & Testing:

Many customers come to visit our factory and witness the machines they are interested in. Our show room is fully of machines of all types. Customers can bring materials for test, and we will provide all necessary help.

Semi-Automatic Cooking Mixer Machine

Certificates & Honors:

Our products are with certifications of CE & BV, and other Chinese certifications. We have totally 12 nos. patents and more under processing. Our professionalism with quality and safety has earned for us many honors awarded by local authorities.
Shandong Longze Machinery Co.,Ltd

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