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Sugar Infiltration Vacuum Pot

Industrial Vacuum Cooking Kettle Jam Candied Fruit Cooking Pot

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Steam heating Industrial Vacuum Cooking Kettle is that applying steam into the pot through the steam pipe to increase the pressure,and the heating medium temperature reaches the requirement of customer. Since the compressed air is a poor conductor of heat and the steam itself has a certain pressure, the heating area is large, uniform heating and liquid boiling time is short.
Industrial Vacuum Cooking Kettle Jam Candied Fruit Cooking Pot with Agitator
1.In the negative pressure and low temperature conditions, the quality of product is perfect and the moisture content reduced greatly. Finally, Instant sea cucumber taste chewier, fresher.
2.The nutrient and organic organization of your product are not be damaged with low temperature condition, and guarantee the Candied Fruit nutrition not outflow.
Electric heating Candied Fruit Cooking Pot is a popular international high-quality long-life electric heating equipment, When the heating medium under the pressure passing heating chamber, uniformly take tremendous heat generated by heating element at work, so that the heating medium temperature reaches a user process requirements. 
Those machine in the chart are standard configurations. 
We also can customize vacuum cooking machine according to your specific requirements or your drawing.

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Phone: +8613153609533

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