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Big Capacity Heat Transfer Oil Steam Vacuum Jacketed Kettle /low Pressure Low Temperature Kettle

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steam gas jacketed kettle Specifications
1.steam gas jacketed kettle all stainless steel SUS304,durable and easy to clean.
2.low pressure low temperature kettle various heating methods,gas electromagnetic ,steam, thermal oil.
3. Bowl titled to 360° hydraulically to allow easy discharge of materials.
4 .Powerful water circulated vacuum pump to decrease processing time
5.vacuun cooking Kettle pot cover turning easily for opening and closing.
6.High Capacity: approx.600kg with one pot.
Candied Fruits Making Machine/Strawberry Making Machine
vacuun cooking Kettle pot Automatic accessories
Safety relief valve will be relief the pressure automatically according to the set before,ensure the nutrition of materials,ensure the safety.
vacuun cooking Kettle pot Smart control panel
All of buttons in this panel ,easy for operation,save manpower and time ,no need for training.
vacuun cooking Kettle pot Temperature Control
That device is contact with materials directly ,control the temperature precisely.

Vacuum Cooking Jacketed Kettle

Inspection glass
Check the color of materials through this hole.
It is very convenient.
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