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Industrial steam jacketed kettle|Cooking Machine

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Industrial steam jacketed kettle | Cooking Machine
1. High thermal efficiency and uniform heating effect;
2. We can add the agitator and cover according to requirements.
3. All the parts that touch the food material are made of high-quality stainless steel;
4. Four kinds of heating methods: Gas heating, thermal oil heating,steam heating or electricity heating;
Industrial steam jacketed kettle|Cooking Machine
Our steam jacketed kettle is uniquely designed and built to ASME specifications. They’re also versatile in function with various jacket styles and pressure ranges available. We’ve been tailoring our steam jacketed kettles to meet the specific needs of our customers’ facilities for decades, producing industrial kettles that can accommodate pre-existing floor scales, doorways, room size, or other limitations. Steam jacketed kettle provides high-efficiency heating and cooling with capacities ranging from 100-1000L. Do you need something bigger? 
1. Jacketed Kettle is widely used in the food processing of pot-stewed meat, confectionery, pharmacy, canned food, dairy, alcohol, pastry, etc.
2. It also can be used in large restaurants and canteens to make soup, stew vegetables or meat, make porridge, and so on.
Industrial steam jacketed kettle boiler body, stirring device, tilting system, worm wheel, worm rod, and the boiler body which can rotate within 90 degrees.

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