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Steam Jacketed Kettle Boiler Service Life

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Steam jacketed kettle boiler service life
Steam-jacketed kettles can last as long as 20-30 years, depending on usage and care. But here are a four signs that it may be time to replace a kettle.
Slower cooking: If the unit takes longer to cook, this could be a main indicator that the kettle either has a leak or a failure of the heating element. Both instances indicate a new kettle might be necessary.
Material breakdown: Inner liner pitting and/or external stress fissures, which may occur from heavy use or acidic foods, may indicate the end of a kettle's service life.
Leaking: If the kettle's compound gauge does not reside in the "green zone" when cool, this could indicate a leak in the unit. Also, look for visible leaking from the kettle's jacket area.
High repair costs: If an older kettle's repair costs start getting too high, it may be time to consider retiring it and purchasing a new one.
Steam jacketed kettle boiler
Stirring form:agitator, Stirring, mixer, mixing, blender
raw material:fruit jam, curry paste, sugar syrup, chili sauce, tomato paste,
Processing materials:ketchup, soy bean, porridge, rice, chinese medicine,
materials:corn, candy, soup, seafood, shrimp

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