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Cooking Jacketed Kettle Steam Heating Applications

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Cooking Jacketed Kettle Steam Heating Applications
The types of foods operators commonly prepare in these units include soup, sauces, stocks, pasta, gravy, stew, meat, beans, rice and desserts.
Although operators typically use steam jacketed kettles to slow boil and simmer food, these units can be effective in reducing liquid in stocks, beans and soups.
Cooking Jacketed Kettle Steam Heating,cooking pot with mixer
Operators can also incorporate kettles in a cook-chill line for rethermalizing or chilling food, the latter with use of a cold water line connection.
Large governmental, institutional and commissary facilities often use large kettles with pumps, vacuum bagging and a variety of different chilling methods to produce thousands of prepackaged product that can be shipped to satellite facilities for use.
Depending on the size and application, steam-jacketed kettles can be used in both the front and back of house for a wide range of tasks. Here are a few of the many ways foodservice operators use steam-jacketed kettles.
Jacketed Kettle Mixer arms also are available as an attachment for some units to stir product in the kettle during large batch cooking. 

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