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Which Kind Of Heating Method Is Good For A Jacketed Cooking Kettle?

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Which kind of heating method is good for a jacketed cooking kettle?
There are three types of heating methods for jacketed cooking pots: electric heating jacketed cooking pots, steam heating jacketed kettles, and gas heating cooking pots.
Electric heating jacketed cooking kettle
This heating method mainly uses a heating pipe to heat the heating medium (water or heat-conducting oil), and then the heating medium transfers heat to the inner layer to heat it. This is called an electric heating jacketed cooking pot. It is relatively simple and convenient to use, as long as it has three-phase power.
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Gas heating jacketed cooking pot
This heating method mainly uses a gas furnace (need natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas) to heat the jacketed heating medium (water or thermal oil), and then the heating medium transfers heat to the inner layer to heat it. This is called gas heating cooking pot.
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Steam heating jacketed kettle
This heating method mainly passes the steam generated by a steam generator or a steam boiler to the jacket of the jacketed pan, and heats and transmits the temperature to the inner layer. This is called a steamed jacketed pan. This method of heating usually requires a steam generator and a steam boiler.
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Electromagnetic heating cooking jacketed pot
The electromagnetic heating is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, with fast heating speed and precise temperature control. It is the latest heating and mixing machine developed by Longze Machinery.
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Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of three heating methods of jacketed cooking kettle
The advantage of electric heating is that it is economical, but the heating speed is slightly slower than steam heating. It can realize pressureless heating. The heating temperature depends on the boiling point of different heating media.
The steam heats up quickly for the jacketed cooking kettle. Generally, it takes about half an hour to heat the water at normal temperature with a steam generator or a steam boiler, which consumes slightly more fuel. Generally, large food processing plants choose to use steam for heating.
Gas-fired jacketed kettles are generally used because the power of the plant is not enough, so they can be solved by gas heating. Gas heating is slower than steam and electric heating pipes.

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