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Operation And Use Of Gas Heating Planetary Cooking Mixer Machine

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Operation and use of gas heating planetary cooking mixer machine
In our daily life, we will buy some condiments and sauces, which are used in the seasoning of kitchen stir-fry. The frying of these condiments is made by food sauce processing plants. If the processing volume is large, an industrial large-capacity planetary stirring cooking mixer machine can be used, which can improve production efficiency and save time. Let's learn about the operation and use of the planetary stirring cooking mixer machine.

The Working Purpose Of The Planetary Cooking Mixers Machine Is To Achieve Cooking And Save Costs   
1. Check the equipment: Check the equipment before use. All control and operating parts should be in good condition, and the pot should be in a vertical state. Confirm that the supply gas is consistent with the type of gas indicated on the equipment nameplate. Clean the inner and outer surfaces with detergent. It can be put into use after washing.
2. Burner ignition: first confirm that the knob on the operation panel, the long open flame knob and the ignition rod knob are in the fully closed position, and then open the main gas valve. Then turn on the ignition rod knob, ignite the ignition rod, insert the ignition port in the lower part of the combustion chamber, and turn on the long open flame knob at the same time to ignite the long open burner. The third step is to pull out the ignition rod, close the knob, and place the ignition rod in place. In the fourth step of the planetary cooking mixer machine, press down the knobs of the fire plate respectively, and unscrew the position. At this time, the fire plate burner will ignite automatically. The inner ring burner should be used first, and the outer ring burner should be used after confirming that the combustion state is good.
3. End the operation: After the food is processed, stop heating, return the main burner knob and the long open flame burner knob to the off position, turn off the gas main knob, and press the "motor stop" switch, red button, stirrer at the right time Stop stirring, and then turn off the main power supply.
The unique mixing structure, waterproof structure and protective structure of industrial large-capacity gas frying pan products can adapt to the harsh use environment of the production workshop. Product features: The mixing method adopts a special inclined transmission. The planetary agitator used in the industrial electromagnetic cooking mixer machine is in full contact with the pot body to achieve an integer transmission ratio of transmission revolution and rotation, so that there is no dead corner of stirring in the pot.

China Factory Newly Designed Electric Induction Cooking Mixer Machine Food Cooking 
The gas cooking mixer machine has a wide range of applications. It is used in large hotels, restaurants, hotels, guest houses, restaurants, industrial and mining enterprises, government agencies, colleges and universities canteens, as porridge, soup, dumplings, cooking and stew. It is easy to use and use. Let’s talk about the characteristics of the improved Longze gas cooking mixer machine:
1. Full combustion, no smoke and dust, a small amount of carbon deposit, and no environmental pollution.
2. The flame temperature can be adjusted at will, and the temperature can be as high as about 300℃.
3. Reasonable structure, easy to use and operate.
4. Powerful energy saving, fierce fire, and thermal efficiency increased by about 25% compared with similar products.
5. Fuel: liquefied petroleum gas, pipeline gas, natural gas, oil is strictly prohibited.
6. Air consumption: about 20% lower than similar products.

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