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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Industrial Planetary Stirring Cooking Mixers Machine Suitable For Food Factories

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Advantages and disadvantages of industrial planetary stirring cooking mixers machine suitable for food factories
The use of planetary stirring cooking mixers machine: mainly used for stirring and frying materials with a certain viscosity. The processing of this material has its particularity. If the planetary stirring cooking mixers machine is not used in the process of processing, it is very easy to stick to the pot. This phenomenon is time-consuming, laborious and material, even if it can be processed, the chili sauce planetary stirring cooking mixers machine does not taste good. The feature of the planetary stirring cooking mixers machine is that the stirring process scrapes the bottom and the edges, and 360-degree stirring without dead corners, so that even viscous materials will not appear in the phenomenon of sticky pans. High-viscosity planetary stirring cooking mixers machines.

The Working Purpose Of The Planetary Cooking Mixers Machine Is To Achieve Cooking And Save Costs   
Planetary cooking mixers machine mixing method: It adopts a special inclined transmission and is developed according to the principle of planetary motion, so that the agitator and the pot body are fully contacted, and the non-integer transmission ratio of transmission revolution and rotation is realized. There is no dead corner of stirring in the pot. With its sticky pot characteristics, it is very suitable for processing high-viscosity materials such as chili sauce and hot pot bottom materials.

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The planetary stirring cooking mixers machine uses steam, heat-conducting oil, natural gas and other heating methods. The stirring method adopts a special tilting transmission. The planetary agitator used is fully in contact with the pot body to achieve an integer transmission ratio of transmission revolution and rotation. There is no dead corner of stirring inside, so that the transmission part and the inside of the pot are clean and hygienic. Using frequency conversion speed control power, the operation is more stable. It saves manpower and reduces labor intensity. It is a food processing equipment with excellent performance.

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Advantages and disadvantages of planetary stirring cooking mixers machine:
1. Gas heating: fast heating, fast cooling, adjustable frequency, Longze Industrial Planetary Stirring cooking mixers machine can control the temperature.
2. Electric heating: the heat transfer oil can be temperature controlled, frequency adjustable, heating evenly
3. Electromagnetic heating: Eliminate the inertia phenomenon of heating, heating and cooling is rapid and efficient; heating has no dead corners, and the whole barrel is evenly heated; the electromagnetic coil is kept cool, so the life is super long.
4. Steam heating: the highest temperature is about 100 degrees Celsius, it needs to be used with a steam generator. The above is for reference only, and the actual situation prevails.

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