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Application Of Chili Sauce Cooking Mixers Machine In Food Factory

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Application of Chili Sauce cooking mixers machine in Food Factory
After using the chili sauce cooking mixers machine, its production efficiency can quickly process the corresponding ingredients for the food factory. This speeds up the production efficiency and makes the products produced more and faster, and it uses mechanical control so the products often have good quality. The stable quality has received a lot of welcome. At present, it uses four heating methods, electromagnetic heating, conductive oil heating, gas heating, and steam heating.

The Working Purpose Of The Planetary Cooking Mixers Machine Is To Achieve Cooking And Save Costs   
The chili sauce planetary stirring mixers cooking machine is heated by gas. It has four stirring heads to stir the materials more fully and evenly without manual frying. The pot body can be tilted and the feeding and discharging is convenient. According to customer needs, a temperature sensor can also be equipped to monitor the heating temperature and heating state throughout the process, with an automatic alarm function.

China Factory Newly Designed Electric Induction Cooking Mixer Machine Food Cooking 
Chili Sauce Planetary Stirring cooking mixers machine Product Description:
1. Adopt the uniquely designed mixing head, the mixing head can be detached, the stirring is sufficient, and there is no dead corner of stirring in the pot;
2. The stirring speed can be adjusted, and the rotation and revolution are synchronized and run in a ratio;
3. It is suitable for food processing, condiment, pharmaceutical manufacturing and other industries.
4. The inner and outer pot body and the surface contact parts are made of stainless steel SUS304, which is easy to clean and meet the food hygiene requirements;
5. Mainly composed of frame, gas pipeline, pot body, stirring device, tilting pot and rotating arm device;
6. The inner pot body adopts a dish-shaped head, which is automatically stamped and formed, automatically polished, and fine craftsmanship;
7. The pot body can be poured, and the stirring mechanism can be raised and lowered;
Heating system:
Planetary stirring cooking mixers machine gas heating: fast heating, for different materials;
Electric heating: automatic temperature control of heat transfer oil, uniform heating, suitable for mass production of materials;
Electromagnetic heating: Eliminate the inertial phenomenon of heating, heating and cooling is rapid and efficient; heating has no dead spots, and the whole barrel is evenly heated; the electromagnetic coil is kept cool, so the service life is super long;
Steam heating: good overall heating performance, suitable for stirring and heating pumpkin sauce;
Mixing system:
The mixing method of Longze Industrial sauce mixers cooking machine adopts special inclined rotation, so that the planetary agitator and the pot body are fully contacted, and the non-integer rotation ratio of rotation and autobiography is realized, so that there is no dead corner in the pot, and the mixing of materials is more uniform. The PTFE scraper has a high degree of adhesion to the pot body, and the bottom is more thorough, and it is not easy to cause sticking.
Speed-regulating transmission device:
The rotating and sealing structure of the stirring shaft of the chili sauce cooking mixers machine makes the pot clean and hygienic; the speed control adopts the frequency conversion speed control power, and the operation is stable. for reference only.

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