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High Pressure And Vacuum Cooking

Electric Heating High Pressure Cooking Pot

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Product Details
Longze electric heating high pressure cooking pot adopts imported temperature controller and bottom temperature sensor to control the fire more accurately and intelligently. According to the different ingredients in the pot, the intelligent pressure regulation of the fine control fire probe can not only reduce the nutrient loss of the ingredients to the minimum, but also make the product taste more delicious.
longze electric heating high pressure cooking pot
Every autoclave produced by our company can be equipped with f-value measuring instrument, which has the function of measuring value. F-value software calculates f-value every 3 seconds. All sterilization data, including sterilization conditions, F value, time temperature curve, time pressure curve, etc., can be saved or printed after being processed by data processing software for production management.
longze electric heating high pressure cooking pot
Before sterilization of materials, the electric heating high pressure cooking pot can raise the temperature in advance to make the temperature of the boiler body reach over 100 ℃, shorten the sterilization time and ensure the dry humidity of materials.
longze electric heating high pressure cooking pot
1. According to the structural form: fixed type
2. The utility model is composed of a pot body and a support foot. The pot body is a double-layer structure composed of hemispherical pot body + straight edge + bracket inside and outside.
The product is: steamed natto pot (can be prepared according to customer requirements)
Electric Heating High Pressure Cooking Pot
Natto originated in China, later passed on to Japan, the Japanese like to eat natto. They mainly eat salted natto and lasagna. The Guanxi people like the former, while the Guandong people like the latter.
Due to the different fermentation methods, there is a kind of slime in lasagna bean, which does not put salt.
Electric Heating High Pressure Cooking Pot
The boiling range is ≤ 120 ℃. It is equipped with the control of boiling and cooking time, which is easy to operate, convenient to use and carry, safe and reliable.
This product is suitable for cooking food packaging bags and related films. It is also an ideal equipment for aseptic packaging test in food research institutions.

The electric heating high-pressure cooking pot is suitable for cooking all kinds of meat which is not easy to be fully cooked.
longze electric heating high pressure cooking pot
heating high-pressure cooking pot adopts the external heating method, and directly injects water into the cooking room for heating, so as to generate the high-pressure steam required by the cooking. The articles that need to be cooked are boiled. After the cooking, the articles in the drum can be reduced to 30-40 ℃ by the external compressed air and the water pressure for rapid cooling for 3 minutes.

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