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Principle of Steam Jacketed Kettle Industrial

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The evaporating pan is also called a steam jacketed kettle. In this type of evaporator, the movement of the liquid to be evaporated is due to the convection currents set-up by the heating process. It is a type of natural circulation evaporator. It consists of a hemispherical pan surrounded by a steam jacket. 
The hemispherical shape provides a large surface area for the evaporation to takes place. The evaporation pan may be fixed and the contents are discharged from the outlet provided at the bottom of pan. In some cases, the evaporators are mounted in such a way that they can be tilted on either side to remove the concentrated product. The evaporating pans are heated by the steam which enters the jacket through inlet and leaves it from the outlet. The heat from the steam in a jacket is utilized for evaporating liquid in pan.
Steam Jacketed Kettle Industrial
Steam-jacketed kettles are great for making pastas, sauces, soups and stews. Though they fill the role of a giant stock pot on a burner, they’re more complicated and hence require a bit more effort to maintain.
Make sure to set the kettle to the manufacturer-recommended tilting position each night. Failure to do so can cause the unit to break down prematurely.
Regularly add water to a steam jacketed kettle. If the low-water warning light comes on frequently, there’s likely a leak. Have a service agent inspect and repair the unit.
Steam jacketed kettles typically have tilt function. Often, units are designed to not turn on if the piece is tilted even slightly. If the unit won’t fire up, check to see if it’s upright before calling for service.
Principle of Steam Jacketed Kettle
The mechanisms involved in this evaporation process is conduction and convection so that the heat is transferred by this mechanism to the extract. Evaporating pan containing aqueous extract is provided with ststeam,hich gives out heat to a jacketed kettle. The temperature raises and the escaping tendency of the solvent molecules in to the vapour increases and enhances the vaporization of the solvent molecules.
Steam Jacketed Kettle Industrial
Construction of Steam Jacketed Kettle
Steam evaporating pan consists of a hemispherical structure with an inner pan called a kettle which is enveloped with an outer pan called a jacket, shown in the Figure below. These two pans are joined to enclose a space through which steam is passed. Several metals have been used for the construction of the kettle. Copper is an excellent material for the kettle due to its superior conductivity. If acidic preparation evaporated in the copper kettle, some of the copper gets dissolved in preparation. In order to avoid this, for acidic preparation is tinned copper kettle is used. Iron is also used for the construction of the jacket because it has low conductivity. Rusting of iron with use is a major problem and to prevent this iron jacket is tinned or enameled on the inner surface. An inlet for the steam and non-condensed gases is provided near the top of the jacket. Condensate leaves the jacket through the outlet provided at the bottom. The kettle is provided with the outlet for the product discharge at its bottom.

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