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How Much Popcorn Does 100 Liter Popcorn Maker Machine?

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How Much Popcorn Does 100 Liter Popcorn Maker Machine?
Gas popcorn machine 100 Liter: 3kw, LPG gas heating, capacity 55kg/h.
Induction popcorn machine 100 Liter: 23Kw, electric heating, capacity 75kg/h, temperature monitor & control.
Fire Corn Popcorn Making Machine,beat automatic industrial popcorn machine
Our popcorn machine is designed with patents. It can be used to produce directly any flavored popcorns, no need other flavor coating equipments. We have 2 types of popcorn machines, gas heated and electric induction heated. They have different features with different price. You may also choose to use popcorn production line or not.
Caramel Popcorn Maker|gourmet Popcorn Industrial Making Machine 
Longze machinery industrial popcorn machines is always used to make caramel popcorn, chocolate popcorn, cream popcorn. And also can be used to make salty popcorn, cheese powder popcorn, and other seasoning powder popcorn.
How Much Popcorn Does 100 Liter Popcorn Maker Machine?
This Continuous Popcorn Production Line Machinery is an automatic popcorn processing line for making mushroom popcorn. The popcorn production line, with a capacity of 80-300 kg of flavored popcorn per hour, is suitable for small business or new started company. This corn puffing line mainly includes 3 parts:
1. Automatic Corn Popping/Puffing Machine
2. Hoister
3. Automatic Cooling And Sifting Machine

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